Our story begins somewhere far, in a village in the boulder mountains, where the green of the firs intertwines with the cruel blue of the sky, and where the springs are bracing their secrets. At that time, on Putna's water, they lived in a hut, alone-alone, a young man and a grandmother.
No one crossed the threshold, no one knew their meaning. One day they also heard that it was going to be a great hunt. The cult himself, accompanied by many courtiers, was to come to Obcini, to Castel, and he wanted to know the hospitality of the locals.
They thought about what they were thinking and found out how to meet Crai:

With fish bathed in clear and clean water
From the rock spings
Sprinkled with salt
Without whom the food does not taste
In pine cones smoked
Browned and tender
In fir tree with resin flavor
“Cobza” bound
With willow twings
Any bad thing to be cast off!

And Crai gladly received the gift, much wondered, and rewarded it, and the elders were given the news all over the country and beyond, from ancient times until today.
As we have learned, we say so, and we are still speaking, for the trout of the trout gives strength from the water of the mountain and the fir tree, the purity of the Obcini, and the spirit of the ancestors. Nowadays we, on the bank of Putna, under the old Giumalău, in a wooden cottage, we
work to cook the trout as Craiului liked it.
From the ancestors' treasures, with the trout chosen from Călimani, Rodna and Giumalău, we
brought to life:

  • The Păstrav Mănăstiresc which, with tomatoes and onions, improves the spirit of monks and
  • The Păstrăv Vânătoresc, which with tomatoes and garlic gives the hunter a sink in the wild forest
    of Bucovina.
  • The Păstrăv Pădurean which with boletus and peppers enjoys the heart of the man of the forest.
  • Păstrăvul Crăiesc with smoked trout and oil offers appetizing flavor to the countryman food.

And for you, good man, in the small pot of clay and our love, we have kept the inheritance of
the storytelling times.
We invite you to tell stories about valuable things in the evening glowing in sweet Bucovina, a, to have a chat, a smoked trout, food not only of the body but also of the soul.

All the best from Obcinele Bucovinei!